December 6, 2016 CSW Reflect

The CSW was alright. I wasn’t quite into the whole thing. My project turned out great, all my main points were shown on my poster. If I could prepare for it again, I would probably do a different topic. I realized many did not get interested because my topic was medically related compared to others. The CSW was jam packed and uncomfortable. There wasn’t really any room for anyone to set up nicely. I wish there would have been more room. I also realized that other classes were more organized; they all did group projects, or all had something similar. Some classes all researched the same project, or all did zenes or powerpoints etc. I wish things would have been more organized overall. I thought it was interesting but not really for me. My project didn’t catch many students eyes because it was about medical related stuff that they didn’t understand or were disgusted by it.


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