December 8, 2016

1. Using Rhetoric:

I believe I have used rhetoric throughout most of my papers. Mainly when we first started introducing our topics. I used a lot of pathos when I first began talking about my dads hernia, our first week of class is when my dad was rushed into the hospital so I also believe my topic was in a timely matter. I also used rhetoric throughout my whole research paper. I believe that I had a lot of ethos, pathos, and logos throughout the whole paper.

2. Research Process:

My research process had come a long way sense the beginning of the semester. I learned how to fine credible sources, and how to find credible sources through not so credible websites. I have also changed my style. I’ve learned how to write a long paper, I didn’t think I would be able to do it. I also created a different work cited than I previously had in high school.

3. Documentation Systems

The purpose of documentation systems is so the reader and audience is not confused and can follow the paper. It will make it easier for them. If they want to learn more information, they can easily find our main citation.

4. Benefits/Challenges

I found that a benefit with working with digital technologies is that it will attract younger generations more. Younger generations are consumed by technology these days.

One challenge was trying to be creative enough to attract an audience. You have to think about what others would like to see.

5. I believe sharing our work with others in the class has impacted me along with everyone positively. Because of others corrections and suggestions my works got to become stronger and deeper.



November 22, 2016

I think sharing my project digitally gives access to everyone. It also teaches them about my topic. Creating digital projects can be hard because my paper has so much information that I cannot fit it into a digital project of any sort. There’s so much that it would be a long project to present and people would lose interest. Turning my project into something else besides a research paper has been hard because my topic is medical so I cannot really form something out of it, besides a poster or powerpoint. I can’t really take and make a hernia.

December 6, 2016 CSW Reflect

The CSW was alright. I wasn’t quite into the whole thing. My project turned out great, all my main points were shown on my poster. If I could prepare for it again, I would probably do a different topic. I realized many did not get interested because my topic was medically related compared to others. The CSW was jam packed and uncomfortable. There wasn’t really any room for anyone to set up nicely. I wish there would have been more room. I also realized that other classes were more organized; they all did group projects, or all had something similar. Some classes all researched the same project, or all did zenes or powerpoints etc. I wish things would have been more organized overall. I thought it was interesting but not really for me. My project didn’t catch many students eyes because it was about medical related stuff that they didn’t understand or were disgusted by it.

November 1, 2016

For my primary research, I interviewed Dr. Mohamad H. Hakim, and put a survey online. Dr. Hakim has been practicing medicine for about 30 years and he graduated from Wayne State School of Medicine in 1986. Dr. Hakim is a general surgeon, in fact; he is my father’s doctor. My survey consisted of 10 questions, one which I eliminated due to false responses. My survey received 54 total responses. My questions and results made me realize that the general public is in fact more intelligent than I suspected them to be. More people than I thought would know knew about genetically linked hernias and congenital hernias. I also ran a twitter poll, asking “Have you ever heard of a hernia”, I received 32 responses. 88% have heard of a hernia, 9% hadn’t and 3% said possibly. My results were pretty substantial, people knew more than I thought they would.  

October 25, 2016

“The Maker’s Eye” was actually an easier reading. I was more enthused about this article compared to most. I found that since it was only a few pages long, it was easier to write about and to read. Although most of the info in the article is stuff we as amateur writers already know. Professional writers have more time than we as students do; they can take their time writing. They also create multiple drafts, while we pretty much create only one or two at the most. Professional writers are more trained, they do what they do because they like it. We as students write because we are forced to most of the time.  

October 20, 2016

I am doing a research project on Hernias and this is my current argument:

Hernias are a common ailment;however, there is a misunderstanding about the dangers of ignoring a hernia.

1) Do you know that babies can be born with a hernia?

2) Have you ever heard of a hernia?

3) Did you know that hernias can be genetically linked?

4) Did you know hernias are formed not just by heavy lifting?

5) Have you ever had a hernia?

6) Are you a constant cigarette smoker?

7) Do you or someone you know struggle with COPD or Cystic Fibrosis?

8) Have you ever undergone a surgical procedure?

9) If you have endured a hernia, what type of hernia was it?

10) Do you have heart problems?

October 13, 2016

The blogs I’ve looked at have been helpful and humorous. I think when it’s a normal person talking to a crowd about hernias, it’s easier to understand. The terms are less complex along with the whole explanation. When a Doctor or any kind of medical staff approaches you to discuss a medical diagnosis, they use medical terminology, which most people do not understand. The blog I had a chance to read drew me in for many reasons. First of all, the guy was making jokes out of his hernia, he laughed about his own prognosis. The writer also used smaller forms of medical terms, he didn’t use complex terms where the general population wouldn’t understand. All the way from him heading to the hospital to the end of his surgery. I think I could enter into conversations about my topic by using simpler terms rather than complex. I also think by having some humor you may be able to keep others interested.

October 11, 2016

Faking things can be complicated. Personally, I love to act like I never got some ones text. For example, I used to work at a deli and grille, my boss told me I might have to work the day after prom because the girl who always worked that Monday constantly called off. I had already requested that day off, two months prior. I told him that if he needs me to work, I need to know 2 days before, or else I couldn’t work. This was constantly happening, I was the only employee to never call off and I worked there the longest out of everyone. I got a text that evening asking where I was, but no one told me I was working. The people I worked for were good people personally, but when it came to business they were terrible. I never once received a paycheck on time, I went a month without being paid once, we never received pay stubs, so not once did I know how much money I got taken out for taxes, or how much money I was being paid. Schedules were also made last minute every week. The bosses would always talk to customers and other employees about us. That day, I had 5 people call and text me, but yet no one told me I was working. I came in the next day, got tons of crap thrown at me, and even had a customer tell me that what I did was wrong and that my boss was a good guy. Don’t get me wrong, he was a good guy, but very immature. If someone wants you to work, they need to call you ahead of time, not one hour after the shift starts. I told them I needed a two-day notice but never received it. The day after when I went in, at the end of my shift, I collected my tips and quit my job. I felt like I was the only one who cared about my job. I was told I was the first employee in years to ever be constantly smiling and happy, I was the only girl who cleaned and stocked everything required. I never received my last paycheck, and I didn’t bother to ask.