November 1, 2016

For my primary research, I interviewed Dr. Mohamad H. Hakim, and put a survey online. Dr. Hakim has been practicing medicine for about 30 years and he graduated from Wayne State School of Medicine in 1986. Dr. Hakim is a general surgeon, in fact; he is my father’s doctor. My survey consisted of 10 questions, one which I eliminated due to false responses. My survey received 54 total responses. My questions and results made me realize that the general public is in fact more intelligent than I suspected them to be. More people than I thought would know knew about genetically linked hernias and congenital hernias. I also ran a twitter poll, asking “Have you ever heard of a hernia”, I received 32 responses. 88% have heard of a hernia, 9% hadn’t and 3% said possibly. My results were pretty substantial, people knew more than I thought they would.  


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