September 27, 2016

I think no matter what happens, no matter how many emails are sent, or how many efforts they try to put forth and change the matter, people will not forget. The situation will not be dropped, forgotten, or changed. However, my research project is going alright. I’m slightly confused on how to completely go about my paper. I think that my topic is good and it’s something I want to research, but I feel as if I need to explain more about my topic in my paper. I know we’re not supposed to make our papers “all about ___”, but I feel as if I need to explain more about hernias in order to get people to understand more. Hernias are such a common ailment, but this ailment is life threatening, and will strangulate your insides. I think that people need to be more aware of the dangers, because your hernia will burst, it will strangulate your intestines, and even rupture your bowel. Hernias are simply caused by lifting heavy things, the wrong way. It’s crazy how something so small, can become something so big.


September 22, 2016

It’s useful to think about rhetoric when writing because you want to appeal to the reader. If you can’t draw the reader in with your writing, then what is the point? You want to impress your audience, inspire them, and maybe even persuade them. Some writings tend to be biased, those writing usually persuade someone. Writing isn’t meant to be boring, writing is meant to be entertaining, which is why we use rhetoric! I’ve written a persuasive paper before on hunting animals for food, I tried to persuade my reader that hunting was good, healthy, and a way of survival for many people. I’ve also used logos, ethos, and pathos many times as well. You always have emotion while writing, you try to write with passion. When writing papers most times, you use facts from the book you may have read, or the online article your best friend may have showed you. You also try to convince people to believe what you have to say, or convince them to agree with your ideas.

September 20, 2016

The article we read about Wikipedia taught me that for certain discoveries, it is good to use Wikipedia as a source. Wikipedia can link you to many new sources for your assignments that will greatly benefit you. Although Wikipedia may have false information, the sources it requires people to put down are reliable. Anyone can write or change a post on Wikipedia, whether or not they are qualified to. Wikipedia does require the sources to be true though. Wikipedia can help us in our research papers by leading us to multiple sources that will have tons of useful information for us. Understanding Rhetoric believes that we write in many different ways and places. Some people write because it brings them out of their box, maybe they cannot speak what they wish to speak in real life, therefore they write. Everyone has different social spaces, many may be comfortable in public, however, some are not. Writing takes strategic thinking and many tactics. When writing about another individual, you should seek permission, because you may insult them.

September 15, 2016

I think research is very common, whether we realize we are doing it or not. Previously I’ve written an academic paper in high school about hunting. It was more of a comparative paper, but in order to find the information from the people who believe in hunting versus those who do not, I had to do research. Research papers inquire lots of citing, after all you are taking others information. I’ve also done personal research for me to use. For example, medical terms, and medical diagnoses. In the past week I’ve done a lot of that. I’ve generated topics in the past by learning from others and being handed a list of topics. Finding a topic can be hard sometimes, so when a teacher hands you a list to choose from, it’s a little bit easier. However, you may be stuck because none of the topics entice you at all. Some research comes from personal experiences as well.