December 8, 2016

1. Using Rhetoric:

I believe I have used rhetoric throughout most of my papers. Mainly when we first started introducing our topics. I used a lot of pathos when I first began talking about my dads hernia, our first week of class is when my dad was rushed into the hospital so I also believe my topic was in a timely matter. I also used rhetoric throughout my whole research paper. I believe that I had a lot of ethos, pathos, and logos throughout the whole paper.

2. Research Process:

My research process had come a long way sense the beginning of the semester. I learned how to fine credible sources, and how to find credible sources through not so credible websites. I have also changed my style. I’ve learned how to write a long paper, I didn’t think I would be able to do it. I also created a different work cited than I previously had in high school.

3. Documentation Systems

The purpose of documentation systems is so the reader and audience is not confused and can follow the paper. It will make it easier for them. If they want to learn more information, they can easily find our main citation.

4. Benefits/Challenges

I found that a benefit with working with digital technologies is that it will attract younger generations more. Younger generations are consumed by technology these days.

One challenge was trying to be creative enough to attract an audience. You have to think about what others would like to see.

5. I believe sharing our work with others in the class has impacted me along with everyone positively. Because of others corrections and suggestions my works got to become stronger and deeper.



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