October 13, 2016

The blogs I’ve looked at have been helpful and humorous. I think when it’s a normal person talking to a crowd about hernias, it’s easier to understand. The terms are less complex along with the whole explanation. When a Doctor or any kind of medical staff approaches you to discuss a medical diagnosis, they use medical terminology, which most people do not understand. The blog I had a chance to read drew me in for many reasons. First of all, the guy was making jokes out of his hernia, he laughed about his own prognosis. The writer also used smaller forms of medical terms, he didn’t use complex terms where the general population wouldn’t understand. All the way from him heading to the hospital to the end of his surgery. I think I could enter into conversations about my topic by using simpler terms rather than complex. I also think by having some humor you may be able to keep others interested.


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